I’m High and I want to make some Candy.

My next intense study in the world of making cannabis edibles is candy making. I have already dabbled in it, and then I took a break for mental health, which if you follow me or are paying attention I have an undiagnosed mental illness. There is some speculation from several people, mostly doctors that I am absolutely fine and nothing is wrong with me, I’m just fat and I need to spend more time outdoors. To that I will agree to the extent that lately I haven’t found a lot of enjoyment in my usual things. I mean, it’s taken me everything to not kill all my plants this winter. And winter isn’t over, it’s just almost 80 degrees F in California in January. You know… NO BIG DEAL right…….. I wonder if there are already talks of relocating people to a more habitable area of the planet now that it’s becoming so hot, we may all pass out one day from heat exhaustion… Is this stuff you think about?

Back to candy making, I got a few flavors and I am really excited to try the root beer ones. So far the people I have told about them seem really interested. The one thing I had a hard time with before was a moisture problem I think. I have yet to purchase citric acid, I know! I know! But, I feel like it wasn’t exactly a melty thing so much as a degradation of the bonds holding the crystals together. They ended up crumbling into pillow mint texture and that was not pleasing at all. One thing I considered was that I hadn’t actually gotten the candy up to the right temperature, while I was talking to other people online about it, I found out that the hard crack is actually over 300degrees F. that may be a problem since the thermometer I’m using (a specific to candy thermometer) says hard crack is like 280. So, when we make our next batch, we will take the temp up to 350, then add the tincture, flavor and whatever else needs to be added.

Cannabis Candy

Published by Bonemomma

This year I am 30 somthing, mother of two, wife, lover of skeletons, practicing emotional intelligence. Every day is another day to be better than you were yesterday. With all the information available, why not learn to be whatever it is you feel you lack?

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