Depression Monologue pt.1

I wrote some of this a couple years ago, and then while I felt like I was on a roll, and I couldn’t keep them up because I wasn’t able to handle  the criticism that came from the source I was talking about. Now I know better and I want my story heard. I wasContinue reading “Depression Monologue pt.1”

BoneMomma’s Mission statement (a podcast)

I ran a review and smoke sesh this evening after my plans for something else needed to be put down. The good news is, i am getting much better at editing the vocal tracks so, there should be much less everything soon. Stay tuned!

Cannabis rice cereal and marshmallow treats. (Also chocolate and peanut butter dipped)

I was out running some errands and helping my aunt. When I got home I decided to do the dipping. There’s a recipe to follow, so stay tuned… I love this painting, it means so much to me, and I look at it often. My husband suggested using it for a backdrop for my edibles,Continue reading “Cannabis rice cereal and marshmallow treats. (Also chocolate and peanut butter dipped)”

I’m High and I want to make some Candy.

My next intense study in the world of making cannabis edibles is candy making. I have already dabbled in it, and then I took a break for mental health, which if you follow me or are paying attention I have an undiagnosed mental illness. There is some speculation from several people, mostly doctors that IContinue reading “I’m High and I want to make some Candy.”

I finally got around to doing it….

I have finally acquired the domain name, something i’ve been putting off for 2 years! and really longer. I then had a weird week where I wrote things but felt awkward posting. It was like, all of a sudden, I could not get my butt in gear to post anything… again… wtf really, spend money,Continue reading “I finally got around to doing it….”

3 helpful ways to manage arguments.

I have all these plans, and then something happens and 4 days go by. It’s a reoccurring theme, and I am so tired of beating myself up for the same things over and over again. Can I still be considered a productive person even if my production is within a smaller time period than others?Continue reading “3 helpful ways to manage arguments.”

Hopefully an inspiration, or a laugh whatever you need.

It started just like all of yours, with a finger full of whiskey in my mouth to shut me the fuck up. Ah, memories… I really only remember the first wine cooler my mom offered me a taste of, and those things were disgusting but so alluring. Why did we always ask for more sips?Continue reading “Hopefully an inspiration, or a laugh whatever you need.”

I have been affected by toxic positivity, have you?

I have been affected by toxic positivity. So I was cruising Instagram the other day and I stumbled across this post by @Whenthemusicstops and I felt compelled to put down my thoughts regarding this subject. I want to take this time to say, if you are following, thank you! And if you aren’t, would youContinue reading “I have been affected by toxic positivity, have you?”