3 helpful ways to manage arguments.

I have all these plans, and then something happens and 4 days go by. It’s a reoccurring theme, and I am so tired of beating myself up for the same things over and over again. Can I still be considered a productive person even if my production is within a smaller time period than others?Continue reading “3 helpful ways to manage arguments.”

Hopefully an inspiration, or a laugh whatever you need.

It started just like all of yours, with a finger full of whiskey in my mouth to shut me the fuck up. Ah, memories… I really only remember the first wine cooler my mom offered me a taste of, and those things were disgusting but so alluring. Why did we always ask for more sips?Continue reading “Hopefully an inspiration, or a laugh whatever you need.”

I have been affected by toxic positivity, have you?

I have been affected by toxic positivity. So I was cruising Instagram the other day and I stumbled across this post by @Whenthemusicstops and I felt compelled to put down my thoughts regarding this subject. I want to take this time to say, if you are following, thank you! And if you aren’t, would youContinue reading “I have been affected by toxic positivity, have you?”

I’m High and I want to Cultivate Humanity.

Trigger warning! Death of self, possible suicide ideation talk of neglect, emotional abuse There used to be a time when I felt invincible. I get what people say when they mention this about the youth. They really know that the youth have a level of confidence that isn’t easily obtained once lost. The part ofContinue reading “I’m High and I want to Cultivate Humanity.”

Cannabis Peanut Butter Cookies

Ill copy the recipe a little later, but first I want to get some stuff out of my head first. On a cookie standard, I do not like persimmons. They make the cookie dough, cakey. Not my favorite. Oh well. I made some regular peanut butter cookies, with cannabis of course, to sooth the needContinue reading “Cannabis Peanut Butter Cookies”

Im high and I have Ideas about Adoption

Adoption is when someone carries a baby full term and regardless of how it happens, the baby is found without its mother. The baby will be taken somewhere to be kind of cared for, and probably adopted. Sometimes, this is actually arranged before the baby is born. Sometimes the mom has so many unresolved issuesContinue reading “Im high and I have Ideas about Adoption”

Cannabis Infused Butter Recipe

I don’t really write recipes well, but I want to start my catalogue of recipes for you to enjoy and work with. All of the collection of recipes are found on the web and through family recipes. I will be tagging where ever I happen to get recipes from! This was something I developed rightContinue reading “Cannabis Infused Butter Recipe”

5 lazy AF exercises.

I have a bad habit of being lazy AF. I don’t really want to do much of anything, and when I do want to do something I want to do all of it at once (thank you anxiety and depression!) But this last few months has taught me a few things about being lazy andContinue reading “5 lazy AF exercises.”

Be the change others fear.

 Don’t ever be afraid to change how you see something, or how you feel about something as a result of your personal growth. There are so many people willing to tear others down for “changing” and you really have to ask them, why don’t you change? A few years ago I was accused of changingContinue reading “Be the change others fear.”

15 inspirational songs on my playlist.

15 inspirational and motivational songs on my playlist Some of these songs aren’t like the others, I’m sure you’ve noticed. I have a very wide range of songs I find fitting for every mood. I know you do too. I wanted to share with you the top 15 songs that I really enjoy to listenContinue reading “15 inspirational songs on my playlist.”