And now it seems I’ve come to an impasse

I’ve now become overwhelmed with everything to the point that a) it feels like a chore and b) I’m using the overwhelm of having “so much on my plate” as the distraction of a lifetime. So, I’ll use what I’ve brought forth as often as recovery allows me. I will make a marked effort toContinue reading “And now it seems I’ve come to an impasse”

Hopefully an inspiration, or a laugh whatever you need.

It started just like all of yours, with a finger full of whiskey in my mouth to shut me the fuck up. Ah, memories… I really only remember the first wine cooler my mom offered me a taste of, and those things were disgusting but so alluring. Why did we always ask for more sips?Continue reading “Hopefully an inspiration, or a laugh whatever you need.”

Be the change others fear.

 Don’t ever be afraid to change how you see something, or how you feel about something as a result of your personal growth. There are so many people willing to tear others down for “changing” and you really have to ask them, why don’t you change? A few years ago I was accused of changingContinue reading “Be the change others fear.”