Cannabis Infused Butter Recipe

I don’t really write recipes well, but I want to start my catalogue of recipes for you to enjoy and work with. All of the collection of recipes are found on the web and through family recipes. I will be tagging where ever I happen to get recipes from!

This was something I developed right along side other people while we were spending 10yrs infusing butter and getting fucked up. So, from out of body expirence to man, i didint feel shit. I found a myreally good recipe that works with any kind of material, with good results.

My only real advise is, if you take dabs or use a vape, you will need higher concentrations of cannabis in your infusions. I have freinds who need upwards of 150mg just to feel an edible. taking up to 400mg a day. So, obviously adjust the recipe as you see fit, but this is pretty standard.

1oz good quality bud

1 pound butter

1c water

It isnt a secret how get started making some yummy space cookies, but now what?

Lets heat it all up together and talk about why we need what we need,

Thc is fat soluble, meanining it will disolve in fats. We use the butter as the fat. I use the water to keep the butter from buring, it also helps to keep impurities from your final product when it settles.

cook this shit until you feel it in your bones that it is done. I get impatient around 1.5hrs, some people go to about 4hrs. you do you boo.

strain it through some cloth, a strainer is not going to get out enough stuff. I like old t-shirts or pillowcases.

put it in a bowl, in the fridge to chill,

When it is completely chilled, take out of the fridge and remove from the water, clean off the sediment and put it in a bag for future use.

now you have canna butter!

Cannabis ground, with keif on top.

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