Cannabis Peanut Butter Cookies

Perfectly round peanut butter cookies

Ill copy the recipe a little later, but first I want to get some stuff out of my head first. On a cookie standard, I do not like persimmons. They make the cookie dough, cakey. Not my favorite. Oh well.

I made some regular peanut butter cookies, with cannabis of course, to sooth the need for a decent cookie. These cookies have such a nice smooth texture, but a slight crisp. Not too sweet, and not too peanuty. I just have to rave about them because I am so proud of them. They’re a big first for me, I accurately dosed keif into the recipe, and well. This is a first for me, because infusion with just plant material is my jam. It got to the point where I feel like so much medicine goes to waste in almost all extractions that I really could not wrap my head around how people were getting ridiculously high dosed edibles. Mostly by trial and error. Who is writing this stuff down? It took me a while to get all the info I needed to get this. So now, as I have eaten about 6-30mg peanut butter cookies as a test control, I say to you my friends. The secrets to fantastic edibles every single time, less waste because of a cleaner product. But wait there’s more, people are extracting the high dose medicine that gets you high, and using the left over plant material to INFUSE BUTTER! Here’s the deal, this plant definitely has so much potential that when I do alcohol tinctures, I save for second washes.  Ill combine two or three into the same amount of alcohol and get a really decent run. Since I don’t have any testing equipment on me, I was guessing for the longest time. But really, it was not so much a difference that maybe microgram/s.

So anyway, why I have brought you all here today is to just sit with my anxiety about tomorrow being thanksgiving. We are planning on staying really low key because of how restricted everything is. My initial thought is to tell everything I have ever said about the holidays and why I dislike them, I feel a bit more reserved because of enlightenments I’ve encountered the last few years. So, I want to say I do not appreciate this holiday of gluttonous gorging, all of which said food things prices are just evermore increasing. This is part of the race that needs to be readdressed and reestablished as a more positive commemorative remembrance of the atrocities that have BEEN committed against humanity. A humanity that most people who feel lost, long to connect to. A lot of people want to deflect the conversation to suit their bruised egos when it comes to these kinds of things. Why? Do you know you’re directly related to someone who was on the murderous side of the fence? Rhetorical.

This proceeds an entire month of overloaded onslaught of advertisements for somethings that gets thrown away faster than a used condom. As well as the ridiculous subliminal representation of a life being as perfect as one put before us on a screen. Do you actually think that people buy cars like that for xmas? I highly doubt it unless they’re in the club of people who can obviously do that! Do you like how I closed that off? Ha. Anyway, sorry I had a little flare up of asshole today, a couple beers+ too many weed cookies= bed time!

The most important thing (there are several important things)


Thank you for coming to my ted talk.  We are not done though, you want this recipe these..mmm… ok..

Important thing number two, become familiar with creaming.

My recipes should be listed in order of mixing unless otherwise specified. This seems to be something that helps me get through these things.

350 degrees F  for 15 minutes.

Parchment paper lined sheet pan, 1 ½ tbl scoop or weigh them out, which I forgot to do. Wha. wha.

Room temperature everything.

Cannabis Peanut Butter Cookies

Recipe for the original peanut butter cookies can be found in a cookbook here

(Not an affiliate link), just one of many books I use for inspiration.

The measurements used are loosely based on the recipe from this book, but the method is solid.

Butter (unsalted)395gMelt ¼ butter, add keif\/ \/ \/
Keif4gAdd to room temp butter.Bring back to room temp
Brown sugar252g All of this /\ /\ /\
Granular sugar250g/\ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\Cream together /\ /\ /\
Peanut butter375gAfter butter, sugar are creamed, add this.Mix until incorporated
eggs157gAbout 3 eggs No need to scoop out extra unless its more than 100gMix in 1 at a time until incorporated
AP Flour500g250g at a time, mix in halfThen fold in remaining flour until well mixed. Do not over mix.  

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